Pond5 is the market leader in commissions paid to contributors. Our contributors set their own marketplace prices and receive 50% of net license fees. The price you set must be equal to or above the Minimum Prices for each media type / format, which we may adjust from time to time (see “How Do I Price My Files?” in General Upload Instructions). Customers can purchase a Standard License or they can choose to purchase specified additional rights through one of our Extended License options (Enhanced, Premium, or Custom licenses) in exchange for an additional fee.

Contributors will be paid 50% of the license revenue received by us regardless of the type of License purchased by the customer. However, in cases where the customer has purchased an Extended License agreement with an increased limit or no limit on our potential liability under an indemnity, we will deduct and retain a “Legal Guarantee Fee” to recoup our costs of providing insurance coverage on such licensed content. The amount of the Legal Guarantee Fee is 20% of the Extended License Fee; the Legal Guarantee Fee is generally $30 per item for an Enhanced license and $60 per item for a Premium license.  Please refer to the examples below.

Extended License - Examples

Commercial Video, Commercial Image/Illustration, AE, 3D

  Enhanced Premium
Item price set by contributor $100 $100
License Fee    $149 $299
Legal Guarantee Fee ($ 30) ($ 60)
Net Revenue    $219 $339
Your share (50%)   $109.50 $169.50
Pond5 share (50%) $109.50 $169.50

Editorial Video, Editorial Image and Illustration, Music, SFX, Public Domain

  Enhanced Premium/Custom
Item price set by contributor $100 $100
Extended License Fee $49 $99
Net License Revenue $149 $199
Contributor share (50%) $74.50 $99.50
Pond5 share (50%) $74.50 $99.50


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