All About Our Extended Licenses

Why do I need an Extended License?

Pond5’s new licenses offer you more protection, more flexibility, and easier access. Depending on how you plan to use each of the licenses and whether you’re a larger company or an individual, the benefits range.

Find out more about our licensing options and see how our licenses compare >

What additional rights do the Extended Licenses provide?

  • Higher amounts of indemnification for greater protection
  • Additional seats allowing better collaboration for larger teams
  • All licenses can be used worldwide
  • All licenses are in-perpetuity – once you use the licensed creative asset, royalties are not owed to maintain the license
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • These licenses apply to commercial video, images, illustrations, AE, and 3D only.

If you have questions about other media types or editorial content, please contact

Why do I need more indemnification?

Many buyers, particularly at the enterprise level, require indemnification for the media they license as a legal requirement for producing new work. Now you can purchase with confidence — our new levels of indemnification range from $15,000 of coverage for our standard license (the most in the industry!) up to $1,000,000 of coverage for premium.

Need more indemnification or a customized option? Please reach out to for more information.

What is a seat? Why do I need more seats?

A “seat” is a single user, person, or computer hard drive accessible to one person. A seat cannot be shared or passed along. Each new user of the content is an additional seat.

For companies who need open workstreams and collaboration, multiple or unlimited seats are helpful so that everyone on your team has the access they require.

Our Standard License offers a single seat, Enhanced Licenses offer 10 seats, and Premium Licenses have unlimited seats.

Are there any limitations on these licenses?

You cannot use Pond5 licensed content for logos, trademarks, reselling, or for sensitive use materials. If you need a custom license, please contact

Do the new licenses offer merchandising?

Yes, the new licenses allow the use of items in digital or physical merchandise for resale. Here’s what each of our new licenses offer:

Standard - 500,000, printed use only

Enhanced - Unlimited printed use, up to 50,000 print resale

Premium - Unlimited printed use, print resale, and digital resale

Can I use these licenses for editorial content?

Yes and No.  Our Extended Licenses are available for all media types including Music, SFX, and Editorial Video and Image, but the Extended License offers only additional seats and not indemnification of the content.  Some Music and Editorial content can be indemnified on a case by case basis.  So, if you're interested in a custom license that indemnifies a piece of editorial or music content, please reach out to

Find out more about our licensing options and see how our licenses compare >

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