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Under our License Agreement, the Content you license from us grants royalty free, worldwide, perpetual use, across all media. This means that in most cases, you can use the file in just about any creative or commercial context. So long as you are incorporating the Pond5 Content within a production and you are not giving your audience access to the raw Pond5 file, you should be fine. Pond5 offers three different licenses to choose from.

The individual license allows one person access to the downloads and is more suited to a small business or individual users. 
The Business license allows up to 5 people access to the downloads and is more suited to mid-market companies that may have growing terms. 
The Premium license allows an unlimited amount of people on your team to have access to the raw downloads, this is best suited for large enterprise companies. 

Do these licenses apply to all media types on Pond5?

Yes! The licenses above can be used with any media types on Pond5 (we sell video, photos, illustrations, music, sound effects, After Effects templates and 3D models). We offer the same amount of indemnity no matter what type of asset you purchase, so you can always feel confident that you’re getting the coverage you need.

The only content that is not eligible for these licenses is editorial videos that offer a Digital or All Media License with single project use. Please see What are All Media and Digital Licenses? for more information.

What rights are included with your Individual License?

Our Individual License includes $15k indemnification and allows for 1 individual on your team to use the downloaded file. 

What additional rights do the Extended Licenses provide? 

Our Business and Premium Licenses include higher amounts of indemnity, offering a greater level of protection for your project. Additional individuals on your team will be able use your downloaded file. 

Advanced licensing features are available with our Premium or Custom Licenses. See the questions below for more information or contact our Creative Partners at or +1 (855) 410-6789 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Why would I need more Indemnification? 

Many customers choose to purchase additional indemnification for their content depending on the audience and purpose of content use. Some customers working on larger productions or on behalf of businesses will require indemnification coverage to comply with legal, insurance, or other company policies. Our levels of indemnification range from $15,000 of coverage for our Individual License up to $1,000,000 of coverage for Premium. For a more in depth explanation of Indemnification please see: What is Indemnification?

What if I need to share my downloaded file with other team members?

Our licenses specify the number of individuals who can use, or edit, your downloaded content. Our Individual License allows for 1 person on your team to use the downloaded file. Purchasing an Extended License will allow access to others in your organization. Our Business License offer access to 5 individuals, and Premium Licenses have unlimited access.

For companies who need open work streams and collaboration, purchasing an Extended License is helpful so that everyone on your team has the access they require.

What about commercial and editorial use? What does that mean and are the licenses different?

The commercial and editorial distinction applies to the usage allowed for the content you purchase. Commercial content is generally available for advertising, promotional, merchandising or other commercial uses. Editorial content is content that is newsworthy or of general public interest and not cleared for advertising, promotional, merchandising or any other commercial uses. For a more in depth explanation of this please see: What Does "Editorial Only" Mean?

While we offer the same licenses for commercial and editorial content our representations and warranties for commercial content differ from those extended to editorial content. Please see our License Agreement for additional details.
If you’d like to discuss using editorial content commercially please contact us at +1 (855) 410-6789 or or see our Help center article: Editorial to Commercial Upgrade

What other advanced features are included with your licenses?

Our Premium License allows for sensitive use, template use and transfer of rights. If you need your license to cover logos or trademark use or waiver of injunctive relief, you can reach out to our Creative Partners to discuss a Custom License option. We can also discuss custom seats and indemnification amounts, as well as prohibitive use, and using editorial content commercially. Fill out our license request form here or contact or call: +1 (855) 410-6789 for more information.

I have more questions about licenses that aren’t answered here. What should I do?

Our Creative Partners are here to help! You can either fill out our license request form here or contact or call: +1 (855) 410-6789 for more information.

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