1099-MISC Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Form 1099-MISC

What is a 1099-MISC?

The 1099-MISC is a tax document used to report payment information to the IRS and to the person or business that received the payment. When applicable, Pond5 provides this form to the contributor in their user dashboard and sends a copy to the IRS.

Who receives a 1099-MISC?

Contributors who are US Citizens or residents who received a payment from Pond5 during a calendar year will receive a 1099-MISC form at the beginning of the following year.

When do I receive a 1099-MISC?

The link to download your 1099-MISC is posted on the TAXES tab of your account Dashboard by January 31 of each year for your earnings from the previous year. The form is available for electronic download until October 15 of the year following when the earnings were accrued. We do not mail out paper copies of the form. If no link is posted in your account, you most likely do not have a 1099-MISC form issued for the previous calendar year.

How are the amounts on this form calculated?

The 1099-MISC reflects all payments made to you during the previous calendar year. So if you made earnings in December of 2022, which were not actually paid out to you until January 2023, the December earnings will not be reflected in the 1099-MISC for your 2022 earnings but rather will be calculated in your 1099-MISC for your 2023 earnings. For further details, you can view your payment history on your My Financials page.

How do I access the 1099-MISC?

Log into your Pond5 contributor dashboard, click the ACCOUNT tab, and choose TAXES. You will navigate to the page where you can download a PDF version of your tax form:

1099 screenshot.jpg

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