DSA Point of Contact

DSA Article 11 Point of Contact for European Commission and Member State Authorities

Pond5 has designated legal@pond5.com the DSA Article 11 single point of contact for direct communications with the European Commission, Member States’ Authorities, and the European Board for Digital Services in connection with the application of the DSA. English is the preferred language for communication with this point of contact.

When sending messages to legal@pond5.com please be sure to include:

  • Your full name
  • The name of the EU-based authority on whose behalf you are contacting us
  • An email address to contact you, which should be associated with the relevant EU-based authority

This point of contact is reserved for engagement with the authorities listed above. For other types of inquiries, please use the mechanisms described below.

DSA Article 12 Point of Contact for Users

If you believe that content on Pond5 is illegal in the European Union or in violation of Pond5’s policies or if you are a customer and have questions or concerns about our services, please Contact us by clicking this link.

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