How Do I Replace Low Res Files With High Res Files?

Found some great preview clips from the Add-On that fit with your project? You can replace previews with full-resolution versions and license them all at once.

Click Replace with High Res Clips, and your timeline will populate with the full resolution, unwatermarked versions.

You can browse through the Pond5 library directly through the Add-On and save all the files you would like by adding into a Collection. To learn how to bulk download from a collection, see How Do I Bulk Download Files?

Once you have used the previews to your satisfaction in your timeline, you can click Replace With High-Res Clips.

Confirm the items you would like to replace and click PROCEED

This will then take you through the purchasing process and after the low-res previews will be replaced with hi-res versions of your newly licensed clips, exactly where they need to be!

PRO TIP: You may find that high res clips will not fit your timeline the same way the previews did, because their size is much larger.


To fix this, simply place a checkmark in Edit > Preferences > General for "Scale to Frame Size"  Or Right-Click on the clip itself and select Set to Frame Size.

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