What is Select Music?

What is Select Music?

The Select Music collection consists of tracks that have been pre-cleared and are covered by Pond5’s rights, warranties, and indemnity. This collection will grow over time.

Which artists are featured in the Select Music collection?

Select Music features some of Pond5’s top-selling music artists.

How can I find Select Music tracks?

Select items appear in regular search results alongside other marketplace results. Select Music tracks are denoted in gold, unlike other tracks, which are blue. The Select collection can also be viewed by clicking on the Select icon in the filter tab. We’re also currently working on integrating our Select filters for SFX, AE, and 3D. Reach out to sales@pond5.com for more information.



Is the license for Select Music different from Pond5’s traditional license?

No. All Select Music licenses are worldwide, in perpetuity, across all media, and multi-use, just like the other licenses on the site. You have the option to upgrade to a Business or Premium license if you’d like additional indemnification or seats.

What’s the difference between Select Music and the general music library?

Select Music tracks are available to purchase with additional levels of indemnification and seat upgrades, while other music tracks in the Pond5 marketplace offer only seat upgrades for Extended Licenses.

How much does indemnification for Select Music cost?

  • Individual License: List Price (includes $15K indemnity + 1 seat)
  • Business License: List Price + $149 (includes $250K indemnity + 5 seats)
  • Premium License: List Price + $299 (includes $1M indemnity + unlimited seats)

I’m interested in purchasing indemnification for a track that is not in the Select collection. How can I do this?

We can occasionally accommodate these types of requests on a case-by-base basis for an additional fee. Reach out to sales@pond5.com for more information.

I’ve purchased a Select track under the Individual license. How can I upgrade and purchase additional indemnification?

Our Individual license for Select Music tracks comes with $15K indemnification. Reach out to sales@pond5.com for assistance with upgrading an existing license.

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