What is indemnification?

If a legal claim is made against media you’ve licensed from Pond5, we will stand between you and the claimant and cover legal costs in defending the claim, liability from the claim, and settlements paid from the claim (regardless of whether the claim is valid or not).

Why would I want to purchase indemnification?
Many buyers, particularly at the enterprise level, require indemnification for the media they license as a legal requirement for producing new work. Our levels of indemnification range from $15,000 USD of coverage for our Individual license (the most in the industry!) up to $1,000,000 USD of coverage for Premium.

For more information about indemnification please view our Licensing Options here: Our Licenses 

Need more indemnification or a customized option? Feel free to contact our Creative Partners at licenses@pond5.com or +1(855) 410-6789 and they’ll be happy to assist you!

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