How can I download a CSV file with my uploaded files?

CSV stands for "Comma Separated Value". It's essentially a text file, but you can use any spreadsheet editor - including Excel, OpenOffice, or Google Docs to edit it.

Download the CSV file.

You can download a CSV file listing all your uploaded items.

Log into your account > Hover cursor over account avatar  > Click on Uploads > APPLY CSV


Identify the type of media you are working with, click the corresponding tab and click Download CSV:


When you click the Download CSVbutton, a file with an extension .csv will be downloaded to your computer. This is essentially a text file but you can use Excel or the free OpenOffice to work on the data in a spreadsheet mode which is a much simpler way to work with mass data.

When you open up the downloaded .csv file, it will most likely look like a compressed text with all data on one file per row (1 clip, 1 audio file, etc.) separated by commas.

Want to add metadata in bulk using a CSV file? Check this article here

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