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Creating professional marketing videos with Social Studio  is unbelievably fast and easy! Ideally, we would like anyone to be able to select, edit and export a project in less than three minutes. In fact, it will likely take you much longer to read this guide than it will take you to make your first video!

To begin, register or login to your Social Studio account. Registration is free, and you will have unlimited free use of the editor, so don't worry about having to enter payment information during registration. 

You can create an account or login using your email or Facebook. You can also skip registration and go directly to project selection (you will have to register later, when you enter the editor, so that we can save your projects).

The easiest way to begin the creation process is to select a featured template to edit. You will see a dozen template collections on the Social Studio home page. Each of these collections contains at least ten relevant templates. Click a collection to open it and view templates. Once you find the template you want, hover over it and click “customize”. You can also search for specific videos in the search bar, or upload a video of your own and start a project from scratch, but the editing process will be the same.

Clicking “customize” will redirect you to the editor screen. The Social Studio editor is where all of the magic happens. Here you can add, remove and customize text and graphics, change the background video and change the music in your project.

At the left of the editor, you will see a panel with three main options: "Editor, Change Video and Change music".

The Editor tab is your default and is for text and graphics editing. Many people select a template only want to customize text and export. If this is what you want, you can do it all from this screen. If you click “Change video”, you will be directed to the video library where you can change the background video. If you click “Change music”, you will be redirected to the audio library where you can change out the soundtrack.

There are several text editing options in the Social Studio editor. You can tap the preview (play) icon at bottom left at any time to preview the video and decide if you want changes. Preview is live and won't create any changes or redirect you away from the editor.

To edit a text layer, hover over the layer in the timeline at bottom. Click the "Edit" icon that appears on that text layer to edit the copy. You can write up to six lines of copy in each text layer and can use up to 120 characters. To edit other text layers, simply scroll to that layer's position in the timeline, and click “Edit”

You can also change any text layer's size, position or rotation manually by grabbing it in the preview window. You will see handles at the corners of the text that will allow you to manipulate the text.

You can change the duration of any text layer, or change it's position in the timeline by dragging its handles (which look like arrows at head and tail) in the timeline. Text layers can be as long as the video and as short as 2 seconds. You can remove a text layer by hovering over that text layer in the timeline and clicking the "X" icon. You can add more text layers by tapping the Add Text (+) button at the right of the text timeline. You can add as many text layers as you like, as long as their combined duration is no longer than the video.

Finally there are several style options at the top of the screen which will allow you to further customize your text. In the “Text Style” panel, you can select different fonts, change justification, toggle between upper, lower and manual case, and change the text and background colors for your text layers. These work exactly like the tools you have likely used in a word processor, Instagram stories, Google Docs, etc.

To change the animation style for any text layer, click "Animation" at the right side of the Editor. This is a tab in the same panel where you found “Text Style”. You will see a menu  of styles. Click any of them to apply.

After editing text, many people choose to export. You can click "Export" at the left of the screen (below the Editor/Video/Music panel). You can do this whenever you feel that your video is ready to go.

If you want to change the background video in your project, you can click the “Change Video” icon in the Editor/Video/Music panel at left. This will redirect you to the video library. You can scroll through premium videos or search for something specific (in the search bar at top). You can also click “My Uploads” at top right and use a video that you have uploaded, or upload a new clip. Once you find the footage you want, click "Use Video" it to add to the trimmer. You will be prompted to drag and trim the video to the portion you want. You can use up to thirty seconds of any video. Once you've trimmed your video, you will be returned to the editor where you can preview your project with the new footage.

The process for changing music is similar to the process for changing video. Simply click “Change Music” in the Editor/Video/Music panel or click "Replace Audio" at bottom right, next to the music timeline. This will redirect you to the music library. From here you can select from 1000s of soundtracks. You can search for something specific at top, or select a genre from the list. Once you choose a genre, you can preview tracks until you find what you like. You can preview any track by hovering over it and clicking "Preview". When you find one that you like, click "Use Track" and it will be added to your project in place of the current music.

You can also add a personal logo to any of your projects. At the left of the editor, in the Animation panel, there is a second “Logo” tab. Click on this tab to open your logo library. If you haven’t uploaded any logos, this will be empty. Click “Upload Logo” to add your logo to the library.

Once a logo is added, it will be saved and you can click “Use Logo to add it to your project. Logos should be uploaded in .PNG format and no larger than 1080 x 1080. Ideal size is 640x640, but smaller files will work fine as long as they are clear, high quality images.

Once you’ve added a logo, you can hover over it in the preview window and click “Edit” to move or scale it. Click the “X” icon on the logo to delete.

There is one more major function on the editor. Next to the Text panel at top is a Format menu. There are three icons in this panel representing the three different aspect ratios supported by Social Studio: landscape, square and portrait. The editor defaults to landscape, but you can click any of the icons at any time to change your project's aspect ratio. When you change to square or portrait, tap the preview (play) icon at bottom left to see where your text layers display. You can move and scale all of the text layers in the preview window so that they fit the new format and they will autosave. When in square or portrait mode, you can also reposition the background video by clicking and holding on it in the preview window and dragging it left or right. This will allow you to fit the part of the video that you want to the new aspect ratio.

This is all of the functionality currently available in the Social Studio editor. Once you have a composition you want, click "Export Video" at left. Once you click export, your video will render and you will be given the option to download it or to share to Facebook (the upload button to the right of download).

If you have export credits or an unlimited subscription, you will be able to immediately download or share your videos.

If you don't have credits or a subscription, you will be redirected to a payment pop-up when you click download or share. For more on purchases and subscription levels, see our article: "How Do I Subscribe to Social Studio"

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