Can I Upload My Own Video To a Project?

You can upload any footage you want to Social Studio for use in your projects. To upload your own footage to a project, click "Change Video" at top left of the editor screen and then click "Upload Video" at the top right of the video library.

After clicking, “Upload Video”, you will be able to select and upload a video from your machine. Once upload is initiated, you will be redirected to the “My Uploads” screen where you see any videos you have already uploaded along with a field to upload new videos.

If you would like to upload videos, and don’t have a project open, simply click “My Projects” from the home screen, thenthe  “My Uploads” icon at left.

Once your video is uploaded, you can add it to any open project by clicking the “Replace Video” button in the Text/Video/Music panel in the editor. This will take you to the video library, where you can click "My Uploads" at top right, select  and trim your footage, and add it to the project.

Keep in mind that any unlicensed footage you upload (ie popular movie or TV clips) will not be covered under Social Studio's commercial license.

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