How Do I Change Text Colors?

Changing text and graphics colors in Social Studio is very easy. When using the editor, you will see a "Text Style" panel at top. This panel is where you will find all of the text editing tools. There are three colored drop icons in the middle of this panel. Clicking the one at the left will allow you to change the font (text) color. You can select a color on the spectrum or the slider, or you can type in a hex code to add your specific brand colors. You will see color changes in the live preview as you edit. The middle drop will allow you to change the secondary color (if applicable). This is the color of the text backing or additional graphics if there are any. You can change color in the same manner that you change text color and opacity.

The two drops at the right will allow you to select a preset color combination. These are determined by our creative team and should give you an easy shortcut to finding a color combination you like.


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