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Pond5 now offers Web Resolution video files in addition to HD converted versions of 4K clips. 

Why is there a Web version of my file now available for download at a lower price?
We’ve started offering Web resolution alongside 4K and HD to attract a new group of buyers to Pond5 who weren’t previously using our marketplace. Based on our tests, we’re confident this will result in additional revenue potential for our artists, without affecting HD and 4K sales.  

Who are these new buyers?
These buyers are working strictly on the Web or social-media space with short, low-budget production cycles and do not have a need for high-resolution files. If we did not offer the SD versions, they would go elsewhere rather than purchasing more expensive versions.

Can I set my own price for Web resolution?
The Web resolution price defaults to 20% of your 4K master price (or 40% of HD price if it’s a native HD file). You can adjust this percentage in your account preferences or on the clip edit item page.

Can I adjust my downconverted prices in bulk?
On your preferences page, you can also set a custom percentage price for Web resolution and apply it to your entire library.

What if this affects my HD sales?
We can’t predict what’s going to happen to an individual artist, but our testing of Web resolution showed no impact on HD sales, due to the different use cases and typical customers for different resolutions. That’s why we’re going ahead with the rollout. If, for some reason, we see that this initiative does begin causing cannibalization of HD sales, of course we will reevaluate.

Can I opt out of the Web rollout?
No, all video content in the marketplace that is not archival, native SD, or 360/VR will have a Web version available.
The Pond5 Contributor Agreement allows us to test pricing to maximize revenue for all our Artists. This testing is covered in our agreement with you — it's in the Compensation section of the Contributor Agreement if you’d like to review it in more detail.

You can take time to review our agreements here:


Will Web resolution be available on every clip in the collection?
Every clip that is not archival, native SD, or 360/VR will have a Web resolution version available.

Are there any restrictions to the license for Web content?
We are aiming Web resolution clips squarely at social-media marketers whose end projects are typically web-only and short duration. The resolution we are offering makes these clips unsuitable for broadcast or feature film use. Buyers of Web content can also upgrade their purchase to a Business and Premium license, and the additional licensing costs are shared with you, the artist.

Why don't I see a Web version of my content?
We're continuing to withhold a small portion of Pond5 content from Web conversion to further test the effects of offering Web resolution on 4K and HD sales. Your content may be part of this ongoing control group. We plan on eventually offering a Web version of all content, with the exception of Archival and native SD footage.
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