Web Resolution

In addition to high resolution 4K and HD formats, Pond5 now also offers Web resolution. 


What is the new Web video available?

Web resolution is usually 854x480 pixels. It is a smaller, web-friendly size that works perfectly on social media without being an unwieldy HD resolution, at a lower price. 

Why? We did our research.

After conducting a test and surveying our clients, we learned that there was a demand for content that can be used for social media, so we built an option to satisfy that demand. We developed Web videos as a lower than 4K and HD option, that is perfect your social media projects, at a lower price than HD content.

Whether you need cinema-quality resolution or a web friendly clip for your social media presence, at Pond5 you can pay for what you need, and nothing more. 

Who would benefit most from Web videos?

Web videos are intended for customers on a budget, such as freelancers and small marketing agencies.

Should I buy Web for my social media projects?

Web videos are perfect for your social media projects, especially if you are willing to trade down to a lower resolution, for a lower price. Many brands & agencies still prefer using 4K and HD content for social media, so it’s all about preference.

What if Web resolution is too small for my use? 

No problem - HD versions are still available on the same clip's page. If you accidentally purchased Web resolution when you needed HD, don't hesitate to reach out to us right away at support@pond5.com


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