Student, Educator, and Non-Profit Discounts at Pond5

Does Pond5 offer student/educator/non-profit discounts?

Yes! We have three different types of discounts available.

  1. We offer a 15% discount when you sign up using your student email. Just fill out this form — we’ll send you a confirmation email once your discount has been approved. Your discount will be automatically applied to your future purchases at Pond5 for 12 months!
  2. We also offer up-to 40% off semester-long discounts to students at partner universities and secondary schools. To take advantage of this discount, your school must be a participating partner
  3. If you are affiliated with a non-profit please email Our Support team will be more than happy to begin working with you to get your institution or project qualified.

Want Pond5 to partner with your school?
Contact your film program director, administrator, a professor, or your advisor and refer them to We’ll help them set up a partnership so you can start taking advantage of the discount.

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