What Do I Need to Know About Taxes Earned from Referrals?

It's important to know that Pond5 does not withhold any taxes from your referral earnings, so please make sure you adhere to the tax laws in your country of residence.

For United States users with a United States billing address: In accordance with U.S. law, if you make $600 or more on Pond5 in a given calendar year, you must submit a W-9 tax form. You are welcome to find more information about where to submit these forms here: My Taxes. 

If you are a non-US resident, or do not hold a US billing address, You are welcome to view a Summary of your income for the year, by hovering over your Account avatar > Dashboard > Financials > Choose year: All months > OK.

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You may also view additional details about our Referral Program here: Refer & Earn  

For further information on this topic we suggest you consult with a professional tax advisor of your choice, as our Support team is unable to provide any legal guidance on tax matters.

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