Why Was My Project Flagged or Claimed?

Within the digital media and stock content industry, most artists use a variety of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence-based machine learning solutions that assist in finding, detecting, cataloging, and defending their work original copyrighted work, as well as ensuring that royalty income is collected and distributed to the correct media owner or legitimate license holder. This can help combat fraud or piracy, preventing unauthorized or non-paid use.

Although Pond5 can not prevent an entity or agency (more commonly known as Content ID) from claiming your project, you can rest easy knowing licenses issued by Pond5 provide worldwide, perpetual use across all media where licensed content has been appropriately synced into your production.

YouTube's automated content identification system is the most popular Content ID platform worldwide, and many other digital media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and others, have adopted similar automated content identification systems in an attempt to safeguard digital art, original works, and even productions where licensed content is used and appropriately synced into completed productions.

If your production is flagged or claimed where Pond5 licensed assets are included, typically the platform hosting your project will provide an option to dispute the claim allowing you to unlock the full power and potential of your Pond5 license and production. Importantly to share, Pond5 requires its composers to release claims, even where productions or projects are monetized.

We completely understand how frustrating a flag or claim can be, however the same technology designed to protect original art, also helps to protect your project too. Content ID is the future for safeguarding digital content and productions at scale.

For more information on how to clear a claim with YouTube please see: How to Dispute/Clear a YouTube Content ID Claim.

For support on how to clear claims with other digital platforms, please refer to the steps offered within their dedicated support channels.

If at any point your dispute is rejected, Pond5 and our dedicated Support teams are happily standing by to help anyway possible. Simply Contact Us Here, and we'll be delighted to help or guide you through the process.

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