Can't download


 Hi I got this forever, can't download the file purchased.


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    We do apologise for the problems you have been experiencing. I have reviewed your account and it would seem that it was missing some settings. We have manually adjusted the account and these changes should now have resolved the issues you were having. You should now be able to download your  purchased item without any further problems. 

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    I have facing the same situation... i cant download my product after purchase....


    My Username is asiainvesthk


    Please fix my account so that i can download my tune.

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    Hello Phillip, 

    We're sorry to hear you experienced this issue. After reviewing your account and adjusting some settings the problem should now be resolved. You may download your purchases from your Downloads page. 

    Please don't hesitate to reach out again if you have further problems.

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    I have facing the same situation. I can't download my clip after purchase!
    My username is liyantong1214. Please adjust my account ASAP.
    Thank you.
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