How Long should I expect files to be in "Processing" status?


I uploaded my first files to Pond5 a week ago. I understand that the review process may take a while. However, I'm not clear on how long to expect the "Processing" status to remain before changing to "Needs Edits." Six of the files I uploaded went from "Processing" to "Needs Edits" within a day of uploading. The rest of the files I uploaded remained in the "Processing" status for several days and then disappeared from the My Uploads page entirely. I tried to re-upload the files, but the uploader gave me a message telling me that I had already uploaded that file and thus could not re-upload it. Should I expect these missing files to eventually make it to the "Needs Edits" status, or did something go wrong on the technical end? How long does the "Processing" status usually take before changing the "Needs Edits"?




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    Hey Caleb, 

    First off we're like to apologise for the trouble you have been experiencing uploading your files.

    These issues revolve around a lack of clarity in upload status reporting, which effects both uploads that are processing but disappearing, and uploads that fail (seen on your end as stuck in Processing status). Artists are then submitting dupes because this reporting has been inaccurate. Generally speaking, files that are stuck in "Processing" are actually failed uploads.

    If you try to re-upload the file again now while while it still says "Processing" then it will trip the dupe detector and not allow a re-upload. This seems to be what is occurring with your uploads. Our technology team is working hard on fixing this but in the meantime, please change the filename and you should be able to upload the files again, under a different name which will be acceptable by the system.

    We hope to have this resolved and rolled out by the end of this week, with new and correct status designations for uploaded files.

    Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

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    Good day! My files pending review for about three and two weeks. :( Now i don't upload my new music because can't understand what went wrong..
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    Hello Alexandr, 

    We appreciate your continued patience and understanding. Please know I have alerted the curators to your tracks and you should receive a message very shortly once your files have been reviewed. 

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    My files seem to uploading correctly now. They only remain in processing for a minute or so.

    Much Thanks,


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    I uploaded my tracks 1 weeks ago and they are still on the "PENDING REVIEW".

    How much longer to wait?

    Is there anything i did wrong?


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    Hello Ksenia,

    I have reviewed your account and your items have been successfully submitted to the queue for curation. 

    The review time for music is currently at 10-15 business days. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this busy time. n the meantime, please feel free to continue uploading more great content, and we promise to get to it as soon as we can.

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    Some of my files have been in "pending review" status for like a month...what's going on?



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    Hey Madis, it looks like your files were just reviewed today :) 

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