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Instead of the current system where you set a maximum price for a photo and then the rest of the sizes below that get a price based on an algorithm, please consider re-thinking how you price photos.

For instance, if I upload a 36MP image and price it at $15, then it currently creates many smaller options with the smallest one being around $3 or so. Thats fine.

But if I upload some 4MP files in the same batch and batch everything at $15, then the 4MP photo largest size is $15 and the smallest will be about $10. Not very appealing for a buyer.

Please consider changing things to work as follows:

Photographers have say 5 or 6 price fields to set up in a template - XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL for instance. Each of these sizes correlates to a Pond5 set size. The artist prices EACH of these size fields as they wish. Then when you upload images, if they fall below say the XL size, then XL & XXL don't show up and the maximum size and price available is the L size. The other smaller sizes and prices stay consistent, as the photographer set them.

This is essentially how every other stock site works and it makes a LOT of sense

(sorry Pond5 - think I opened a support ticket on same issue by mistake)


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    Hi Tim,

    Those automated prices are actually completely adjustable. When you have multiple versions of an item, you're free to set the prices on each version wherever you like so long as they meet our minimum requirements. :)

    But your feedback is still valid, and worth applying to the automated part of the system. I'll pass that along, thanks!

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    Hi Jonathan,

    So are you saying I can set the S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes individually on my photos? How?

    I just went in to edit a photo that is about 24MP+ and has about 6 sizes on offer, but it only lets me set the top price ($15). I can't see any fields to alter the individual sizes?

    Thanks for considering my suggestion. This is one of my major gripes with the otherwise great Pond5 system.


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