Spastic collections window


I'd like to keep the bottom collections window under my control. It pops open of it's own. Just plain annoying. Hope it's as simple as finding some setting and shutting it off.


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    The collections tray should remember its position, but if you have your browser set to clear its history and cookies, then it won't be able to.

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    My browser isn't clearing history or cookies. It appears every time I navigate to a different location from under my user name it pops up.

    This may be related? When I first log in a drop down tells me I'm logged in from more than one location. I'm not now but have been.

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    Hm, I see. I'll be sure to let the team know the collections bar is acting up, thanks for the feedback on that Joel.

    Ah, yeah, that's nothing to worry about. It's just a message tracking logins, but even from the same location, not just different ones. So, for example, if you log in, then out, then back in, you may see that pop up. Feel free to just ignore it. :)

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    It's become aggravating. Just scrolling the mouse wheel brings up the window. It seems every navigation will cause it to jump into my face.

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    @Joel - For our troubleshooting team, can you tell me which browser and platform you're running on? Like, Firefox on Windows for example.

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    Firefox 29 On Mac OSX 10.6.8. It's not the latest Firefox, but using an earlier version seemed to help a browser stability problem. If I need to upgrade the browser, I'll give it another try.

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    Ah, I see. Yes, updating Firefox may help. We're also going to look into the cookies, to make sure those are functioning properly.

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    Updating Firefox did not help.

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    Roger that.

    If you could please, there's one more thing I'd like to ask you to do. When you get a moment, just visit this page:


    There'll be lots of code and text there. Just drop all of that into an email for me, so I can pass it to our engineers. They think they'll be able to correct the problem pretty easily. Thanks! :)


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    Ahhh! Relief! Thanks so much for fixing that spastic window. I have calmed.

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