Make sure clients are only using a song once!


I've heard about companies licensing for one wedding video and using the same song (and license) for more than one project.


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    Hi Brennan,

    Our license agreement allows for lifetime, unlimited, world-wide usage, in perpetuity, across all media platforms. This means that it is acceptable to use licensed content in more than one project. However, there is a restriction listed about not "archiving" licensed content for later use.

    The keystone here is the licensee. If the licensee is the same for each project, then a repurchase is not necessary. However, if you are doing projects for different people/entities, clients for example, then a repurchase is necessary because the licensee information would be different for each project.

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    So there is a restriction in the licensing agreement limiting licensees from using a song or instrumental cue for more than one client/entity, right? If so, this is fine with me. My use of the term "project" is too general. By project, I mean one video or "series" in the same outlet, e.g. a wedding "series" with one video of the reception and one of the ceremony, both with the same instrumental cue synchronization.


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    The restriction is that only the licensee may reuse purchased content. This is why I draw the distinction about who will hold the license. We're not lawyers, so we cannot determine who the license holder should be in any one instance, but the bottom line is that if the licensee is different, then the content needs to be repurchased, yes.

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    So there is no restriction in the agreement about a single licensee using one license for an infinite amount of videos and clients? Where can I find this agreement?

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    You can view our license agreement here. As I mentioned above, it grants, "lifetime, unlimited, world-wide usage, in perpetuity, across all media platforms."

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    Let's say I wanted to buy a particular sound effect and I work with different clients for different projects. Who is the "licensee" in this case?

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    @Ryan Smith - The licensee will be whoever's information is entered into the licensee section at checkout. We can always change that for you too later on if you discover it was done incorrectly.

    As I mentioned above, I'm afraid I can't comment on who should hold the license though. I'm not a lawyer, and so cannot offer legal advice.

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    @ Jonathan

    "The licensee will be whoever's information is entered into the licensee section at checkout."

    That's all I wanted to ask, relax. :)

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    @Ryan Smith - Apologies if I came across as rude at all. :)

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    @ Jonathan - It's fine, man. I understand. You get lots of questions about stuff that boggles the minds of the wisest. It's tough being a Q&A Rep.

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    Can we go ahead and close this? I'm afraid my prices will be going way up soon due to this info. Please forward a screen shot to your supervisor, if you can. Maybe we can push for a better restriction in the agreement for how many times they can use a song (Hence more sales). I think marketing would like this idea. This kind of stuff is what kills the music industry. I hope everyone understands.

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