Pond 5 and PRS


Can I earn through Pond 5 and still collect royalties via PRS, if so, do I need to provide information via my songs on Pond 5?


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    Pond5 does not have any exclusivity requirements, so feel free to sell anywhere else in addition to Pond5. It's not necessary to state that you sell elsewhere. :)

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    So would I receive royalties if my music was purchased by someone and used on TV?

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    I'm sorry James, maybe I'm unclear on what "PRS" is.

    If PRS is another stock seller, then yes, you should be able to receive payment for sales both at Pond5 and wherever else you are selling because Pond5 has no exclusivity requirements.

    If PRS is a Performance Rights Organization, then yes and no. No, because everything sold at Pond5 is 100% royalty free, and you only receive a one time 50% commission of your set sales price for each sale. But also yes, because you can specify each of your files as being registered with the appropriate PRO, so that you can still receive royalties via the PRO when the file is used in a broadcast. As per our legal agreements it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that any necessary cue sheets are filled out and submitted appropriately when their work for distribution includes content registered with a PRO.

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    I should of explained better, as I did mean Performance Rights.

    So when specifying each item as being registered with PRS (performance rights) is there anything in particular that I need to include, such as a PRS membership number???

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    The name of the organization, along with the membership number if you like, are all you need to enter in the PRO field on the edit item page, yes. :)

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