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As an animator I'm constantly looking to match audio with my visuals – more often than not the music comes last, unfortunately!

Is there any way of filtering audio files for a specific BPM or BPM range?


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    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the suggestion, I've actually seen this one a few times before. But unfortunately, BPM isn't a variable we track for our audio uploads, so there's no way for us to implement this.

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    Thanks, Jonathan.

    Is BPM not a mandatory field in audio submissions?

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    Indeed it is not. We don't even have a field for it on the edit item page.

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    I understand.

    Perhaps a future feature might be able to retroactively use 'beat detection' to enable this search facility. It would be hugely beneficial for motion graphics work.

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    Ah! I didn't realize that was an option. If it's feasible, I do totally agree that it would be a good upgrade. I'll bring it up with the team, thanks for talking with me about it. :)

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