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For music, adding a filter for length would help a lot. I am trying to find a style of music for a 1:00 promo. Scrolling to get to all the choices that are close to that length is extremely cumbersome.
Returning to the same spot in my search after displaying the songs details would be a big time save. e.g. I found a song using list, sorted by length. I clicked on it, got to the individual song detail, added it to my favorites bin and now want to return to the same point in my search so I can keep searching for more. How? I'm stumped.

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    We do have a filter for length in our advanced search options. Additionally, you can disable the infinite scroll for your results page by clicking on the gear icon in the top right of the page and turning it off. This will enable you to return to the same place in your results more easily when searching. :)

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