Automatic looping of file preview


When you preview a file it automatically loops. This is very irritating for short loops, (1, 2 sec or less) and must make it very hard for a potential buyer to judge the quality of the file. Am I missing it, is there some way of switching automatic loop of. Also should it not be off by default and let the customer choose whether to have it enabled or not?


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    Yeah, that's a very valid complaint. I've had it happen where someone bought what they thought was the sound of a ticking clock, but it was a 1 sec sfx file with a single "tick" sound. They thought it was a clock because the preview was repeating so quickly.

    We're working on this, and we hope to have a good solution for all the very short sound files on the site. Both with regard to the preview playback, as well as the watermark. I'll make sure to bring this up with the team again so we can finish with those solutions. :)

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    Also the player is not working properly on my computer

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