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Hi all,

I hope this finds you well.

I'm writing you because I would like you to consider a very convenient feature for contributors.
It's called "Royalty split feature" and has been already implemented by Revostock and soon by other agencies.

According to Revostock, "The Royalty Split feature will allow you to share your earnings from a particular file with another RevoStock Producer. This is useful if you work together with another producer on a media file. You will need to designate which producer to share earnings with when you upload your media.”

I think this would be very simple to implement on your side because it's just a matter of sharing the royalties generated from a file between two or more contributors that are already registered on your website.
On the other hand, it would dramatically simplify our life, as we wouldn't be anymore involved in many issues, such as time-consuming reviews of our sales to make sure that any co-producer gets the right share, tax issues, creating different accounts for any "creative" partnership we want to carry on, etc.

I hope you got the general idea of this feature and to see it available in the near future.
I'm confident that many people would appreciate your effort and consider it very welcome.

Thanks for your kind attention.
Best regards,

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    Thanks for the suggestion Diego! To be honest, I really have no clue if this is something we could do or not, but I'll be happy to bring it up with the team. :)

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