Manually set HD prices downsized from 4K (batch not individual)


The auto price for HD footage is way to high. Currently the only way to change it is to go through and manually every single file one by one. With large portfolios that would take weeks to accomplish. We need a system (3 days ago no in a few months) where we can set our own HD prices easily through a batch process either in a pulldown menu at the bottom or in a system like Revostock has. Since Pond 5 has decided to not respond to people in the forums I thought I would throw it up here. Please let us know when this is going to happen and please don't tell us it is more than a few days away. At least give us a temporary fix while you create something better.



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    Hi Jake,

    There is a batch set price option in the action menu on the bottom of your uploads page that you can use to set prices on large batches of items. :)

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    I think you have completely missed the point of my question and the dozens upon dozens of upset people in the forums. I know there is a set batch price. It does nothing to help with the 4K to HD auto downsizing problem. I am thrilled that you finally implemented this much needed feature. The problem is you have either forced us to have you automatically price our HD version (at 75% the 4K price) or go through manually one by one and set a price (which is unrealistic with large portfolios and apparently doesn't work anyway according to the forms). At SS a 4K clip is selling for $299. That means that with your forced 75% price point an HD clip would be $224.25. That is way over priced for your average HD file. On Pond 5 I set my 4K price at $250 which means it sets the HD price at $187.50. We don't want our HD prices set that high. In order to get our HD prices accurate I would have to drop the 4K price down to around $100. Three times less than what it sells at SS!

    We need a way to set the downsized HD prices in batch form and we need it immediately. At least give us different options besides just 75% of the HD price. I have uploaded hundreds of 4K clips since you implemented the downsizing feature which means that those clips will be viewed in the "new" filter but will not be bought because they are so overpriced. That then means that they will drop in the search engine rankings because they were not bought when they were newly uploaded.

    Your contributors have been begging and pleading for a fix to this. Pond5 has been completely silent on the issue. We have no idea if you are trying to drive down the price of 4K clips, if you are incompetent or if you just plain don't care. If you really do care then you better do something fast. Please don't just respond to this question. Go to the forum and post something official for everyone to see. Tell them how you are going to solve the problem and when to expect the fix. Your silence on the issue is super frustrating.


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    Hi Jake,

    Sorry, I cirtanly didn't mean to upset you. I'm here to help, that's totally my job, so please don't think I'm going to abandon you. I actually did post in the forums too. :)

    Right now I want to gather all the information I can about the problem so I can get the team on it. My current understanding is that you should be able to use the price change option in the action menu to change the prices on the HD versions of your 4K items. But it sounds like that's not the case, correct?

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    Correct. The set price option in the batch feature would only change the original 4K price. I want my 4K price to be around $250 and my HD price to be around $75. I can't do this the way it is set up. If I price my 4K footage at $250 then my HD clips are auto priced at $187.50 because the auto price feature only has one option which is 75% of the value of the 4K clip. Who in their right mind thinks that the HD clip is worth 75% of the 4K clip? We need several things. One is a batch tag option where you can change the price of just the downsized HD version and not the original 4K price. The other is an option like Revostock has. It is a simple drop down menu that you can set your desired price for each resolution. When you upload new footage it automatically sets the price of each resolution to what you already selected. Go check it out. Have you guys really not noticed the forums and the dozens of upset people wanting an answer for the last few weeks?

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    I know our CEO browses the forums sometimes, and there are a few other people who do too, but mostly I'm the forums guy. However, I've been on jury duty for the past month, so I haven't been active on the forums. I did see that a few other Pond5 people posted here and there in my absence.

    I just spoke with our product team, and it actually sounds like even though no one spoke up on the forums, your cries were indeed herd. They are developing a new auto pricing system that works pretty much exactly like the one you described. You'll be able to set a custom % for your downconverted videos, as well as images. :)

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    When can we expect this feature to be implemented. A day, a week, a month? The sooner the better. It would be wise for you to create a new thread telling people about this fix. I can tell you now that some people will be upset that they cannot get the exact price they are wanting. For example, if someone sells their 4K footage for $299 it is going to be a really weird percentage to get the HD version to come out at exactly $79. I think it will still be a hugely helpful feature for the time being but I thought I would give you the heads up that you will see complaints about this. I remember reading them in the forums when others suggested this fix. I for one am glad just to have more options coming. Please let us and everyone else know more details.

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    Again, way ahead of you Jake, I had already made an announcement post in the artist forum. :)

    I don't have an eta to share, but it cirtanly shouldn't be months. Though honestly I'll also be surprised if it's live by the end of the week. You know as well as I do that Pond5 hasn't always been quick when it comes to new features. Hopefully we can be better about that this year. Rest assured, I'm doing my best to make it clear to our team that this is important, and can't be pushed aside.

    Yeah, no worries, I expect that some people will be upset they can't batch edit just the HD downconversions. I understand why artists would want that, so would I. But I think there's a problem with how our system handles associated or downconverted clips that would make doing that impossible. Even if that's the case though, it's something I think we still need to be looking into.

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    Here is what you need:

    a single switch for my ENTIRE portfolio
    Set 4k Price to: x
    Set HD price to: x

    I highly doubt that anyone would want to price every single clip differently according to content. This is a VERY rare instance where you might want a certain clip to be more expensive or cheaper than the rest of your portfolio.

    In general we would price out entire portfolio at the same price, with a tiered pricing structure for file size.

    For me, I match shutterstocks pricing on 4K and its been doing very well so I am not going to drop that.

    4K should be: $299
    HD: $79

    I feel that the web developers at Pond5 have never actually done any testing from the contributors perspective. Go ahead an upload 400 new clips (different releases needed for each clip. Then go and change prices on 2000 files in your portfolio. And you will quickly see that your contributors platform is very painful to use and if full of redundant click click click....

    Its the very reason I send everything to other libraries first.

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    Thanks for the feedback Bevan, keep it commin'. I'll make sure the team working on the feature sees this. :)

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