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The audio watermark was moved to the beginning of sound clips and it makes looking for music or sound effects PAINFUL. I'll be using a different website until this is corrected.


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    Thanks for the feedback. Could I ask you to elaborate a little bit on why you dislike the new placement? Is it too loud?

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    This used to be my favorite site and now its useless. I can't heard the sound effects at all.

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    Most sound effects are only 1-2 seconds. Now that the placement is at the beginning of the sounds I cannot hear the sound effects at all.

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    I see, could I also just ask for a quick example or two of those SFX? I'll be happy to bring your points up with the team.

    We recently had to redesign the watermark with shorter sfx in mind, because previously they went without a watermark at all.

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    Our game development company almost exclusively used sound effects from Pond5 but now we're considering using another service due to this replacement of the watermark. There's no way of testing the sounds inside the game before we buy them and it doesn't give a correct audio experience when it's there. If you change it back to how it was we'll probably start downloading audio from you again.

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    I agree completely with daniel. Also I posted a few links yesterday but the comment is currently pending approval.

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    Thanks for the additional feedback gang. Overall the response to this change has been similar to how you guys feel, and the team is definitely aware of that now.

    Previously, our short audio files and sfx were a little too easy to steal. Some SFX were too short to even have a watermark, and that's no way to protect our artists' content. That's where the change came from.

    As I said, the response has been largely negative, and the team is aware. For now, it will have to stay this way, because we can't justify putting our seller's content at risk again. Protecting their work has to come first. But we'll continue working on the problem so that we can find a solution that will both not be so terribly annoying AND keep our artists' work safe from theft.

    P.S. - I did get the examples you guys posted, though I'm not sure why it says "pending approval". I can see the comment in admin view, but I don't actually see any way to "approve" the comments. If I can make them appear, I shall, but rest assured that the team has reviewed the examples.

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    Why not add watermark at the middle, if audio file is shorter than 4 seconds? And it's also not necesarry for music files, customers have to hear watermark every time they listen to a new music. I assume they usually listen to a few seconds before they keep going with another one.

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    I second third and fourth this comment and request. Do whatever you want with sound effects, but for music samples, it's definitely costing you and the creators' money because I find it WAY too loud and annoying. You could watermark it without it being so loud and distracting that I can't even get a sense of how it'd play in my film. I'm ending up buying from places where the watermark is less harsh and invasive. I'm not going to steal it (well, EVER, but even if I were the type) if it's watermarked at all. If it has to be that frequent, it doesn't need to be SO loud. Thanks.

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