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Maybe I am an idiot and do not see this already happening... but could you attach a copy of the "sent" message below the response? Example.... I messaged about 15 different artists asking what lens they used for their specific footage link. I got a bunch of responses like, "We used a 24mm Canon 7D"... which is awesome... but without a copy of my initial email, I had no idea which piece of footage he was talking about. I have to look at the username, then go to my "sent" box... find the message I sent and which piece of footage it was about, and then back to my inbox to reference the lens information. Maybe I am spoiled with gmail, but having a copy of your initial message would help a ton for context.

Overall... love this service by the way... getty sucks. ;)

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    Thanks for the feedback! We're glad you like Pond5. You make some great points about the messaging client, I'll bring that up in our next product development meeting. :)

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