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I am exhausted from disputing claims on youtube for music which I have purchased licenses to use. Often these disputes are denied taking hours of my life to keep my account in good standing. I would suggest that Pond5 find a way to work with Youtube and Facebook so that when a license is purchased that license is attached to a youtube account in order to prevent false 3rd party content claims from happening and threatening the standing of a channel


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    Hi Zachary,

    We completely understand your frustration, but unfortunately, due to the laws in the United States, there's really not much we can do. In the US, it is not illegal and there are no consequences for making a copyright claim on content that you don't own. And so these claims run a bit rampant.

    We will continue to support users who run into this issue while we work to come up with a solution that will prevent this sort of thing from happening. We do know that if we can overcome this obstacle for our users, it will be a really big deal. We cirtanly haven't given up, and we don't plan to.

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    I to am very frustrated I work so hard on my videos to hit upload and be told I can;t use music that I paid for is frustrating.

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