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The "pond5.com" audio watermark is driving me crazy. When searching for the right piece of music, you have to listen to loads of different clips to find the best fit. At the moment its too distracting. I know its something you have on to stop people stealing the music, but to be honest it just puts me off using the site.

When I am searching for music I usually only have to listen to the first 15-20 seconds of the clip before I get a good sense of if its what I am looking for, currently the "Pond5.com" audio watermark starts at the VERY beginning of each track. So even if the track is wrong for what I am searching for I waste my time listening to the distracting watermark rather than judging the track.

IF you moved the audio watermark so it starts 20 sec into the track. It would fulfil your copyright protection requirement but also make searching for music slightly more bearable for your customers.

In the meantime I have started looking at other music sites as I have had enough of the distracting audio watermark at the start of each clip on this site.

please fix this asap.


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    Your complaint is valid, and we do want the watermark to not be a huge pain. I'll be happy to pass your feedback along to the team. That's a pretty good idea, to move the watermark back, though that would only apply to audio files that are 20sec or longer, so we may have to work out something a little more flexible for the sfx. :)

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    Hello, I agree with VFandi247, even if I'm a new member, composer, and didn't put a files for the moment.

    May be make the watermark a little bit shorter and put the volume a little bit down, so you can continue to put the watermark each 4 to 8 secondes, cause it's shorter.

    Best to you

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    Did the watermark change?

    Now it says only 'pond5' for short sound effects, and it feels more obnoxious. Especially for 2 second clips (POND5POND5POND5POND5POND5), which is pretty common for sound effects. 

    I can barely hear the clip, how can I decide if this is the sound effect I need? I don't remember having this much troubles deciding if it's the right sound effect before.

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