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Frequently, I upload clips that work perfectly together. Since uploading sequences is not permitted, you have to upload these clips separately. However, I can imagine editors looking for clips they can use in a sequence (wide-medium-close up).

Please offer us uploaders the possibility to combine multiple clips into a single package (but still keep the possibility to buy them individually) at a combined price, which is lower than the sum of their parts.

This will stimulate buyers to buy more from the same artist and artists to create what editors typically need: sequences to tell a story.


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    Thanks for the suggestion Richard! I do actually see this one from time to time, and the team knows it's something artists are interested in. But I'm afraid I don't have any details or plans on that to share at this time. Still though, thank you for the detailed feature request! I'll pass this along.

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    Thanks for answering, Jonathan.
    Is it perhaps a good idea to do a survey among artists to find out how popular this idea actually is?
    Also, if you are willing to do a beta-test on this, I'll be happy to work together with you on this.

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    Of course, and I believe we do that from time to time, though it hasn't been done recently as far as I'm away. But yeah, I'll make sure they know that you'd be interested in helping with that. :)

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