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if I purchase music from pond 5 or ambience for my film, and the film blows up and becomes huge, the majors will ask for my paperwork for the music, ambience, etc. do I have the rights needed to enter into an agreement with them, in essence allowing them to take over, use, exploit etc, the pieces I got from pond 5

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    @MikebMikeb - I'm afraid your question is a little too nuanced for me to be able to answer. None of us here are lawyers, and so we cannot give you any form of legal advice. But I can clarify the rights you get with a purchase at Pond5.

    What you are purchasing here is a license for usage rights. Ownership rights remain with the artist. Under our license agreement, a purchase will grant you lifetime, unlimited, world wide usage, in perpetuity, across all media platforms.

    Pond5 content has been used extensively in big Hollywood productions, including some of the Marvel films. All of this is done with our singular license agreement.

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