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Hi, I would like to know if you could add the option to select the moment you want to hear on a track like on the main page when you made a research. I mean when i choose see more of this artist I cannot select or advance a song on the main page, I always have to select the track and I'm being redirect to an another page. When I tried to get back I lose the place where I was in the selection.




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    Hi Evo, you may or may not be aware but there is an orange cursor above each audio file which enables you to stop and play the track as you please, or move the cursor to play at any point throughout the track. Using this cursor, you can quickly scan through different tracks and there is no need to be redirected to another page or lose your place! 

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    I keep trying to move that curser but it will not budge!  What is the trick.  

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    Hey Robert, we just tested our site and all appears normal on our end. With constant updates and changes, sometimes certain browsers don't always fully cooperate with our site. I recommend clearing your cookies and opening our site on Google Chrome or Firefox, to see if this will help.  You can reach out to us anytime at support@pond5.com if this problem persists.

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    Thank you Isabel.  So here is what I have determined:  Yes, when the results of a search is open one can slide the yellow curser.  But when you look at a set of selections in a collection, the yellow curser is locked.  Same thing, when you are on an artist's page you also cannot slide the curser.  I'm using latest versions of chrome firefox and safari on my macbook pro, system 10.11.5     There is no doubt about this.

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    Oh yes I see what you mean, I am experiencing the same problem trying both these options. We really appreciate you bringing this to our attention Robert, I will notify our engineers immediately so that we can work on a fix.

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    OK great.  I'll add one more thing... music selections within a collection do not show the running length the way they do in other places.  I just ran into this where I wanted to see which of a set of pieces I had selected where over 2 minutes.  I had to open each one all the way to find out the running time.  The running time does show in all other places on the website as far as I can see.

    Since I have your attention I would like to propose a major addition to your functionality.  I'm very serious about this suggestion... it would be make the process of finding the right music for a project SO MUCH more pleasant.

    The Collections are a great feature.  You make a new Collection for a project and then throw in any music you find that you think might work and you can then go through that set to make the final selection.  However the process of searching and listening is pure hell.  Why? I will explain... Finding the right music is a very random process even with the keywords because mostly one does not know exactly what one wants, but just by listening to a variety of things, one gets an idea of what might work.  So with multiple searches trying different things, one ends up checking the same songs over and over.  Also, if you go through 25 listings and nothing works and you finally find one, and move it over to you Collection... you lose your place on the page!  "Where did I get to on this page?"  You have wade through stuff you already heard, or now you're not sure...  As I said... pure hell.

    Here is my suggested feature.  Allow for the creation of "Project Searches".  Here's how it works.  When you are in a particular Project Search you've created, you can "X out" music selections you know you are not interested in, preventing them from showing again while in that Project Search.  This means you can do a series of searches and only NEW STUFF or stuff you have not Xed will show up. Rather than right away saving something I like, I'd rather "X" the stuff I know is of no interest to me.  When I get to the end of that search I can review the stuff I thought was possible, then move the final selections to my Collection.  Now within in the same "Project Search" I can do another search and anything I "Xed" won't show up a second time.     This feature would probably lend itself to your other media as well.    With this feature in place I would not feel the trepidation I feel every time I need to find some music for a project.


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    I must say 'Project Searches' is a really great suggestion - hugely useful and time saving, particularly for audio searches. Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback, I will be sure to pass this on to our team and see if it is something which could be implemented. 

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