Individual and Extended Licenses

Pond5 offers an Individual License and Team License with two Extended Licenses options for higher coverage to fit your business!

Individual License

The Individual License offers a single seat, $15,000 indemnification for all commercial video, image, and illustration content, along with a print run of 100,000.

Extended License - Team

In addition to the Individual License rights, the Team License includes up to 5 Seats for team collaboration!

Extended License - Business

In addition to the Individual License rights, the Business License includes up to 5 Seats, $250,000 in indemnification protection, with merchandising rights and a print run of 500,000.

Extended License - Premium

In addition to the Individual License rights, the Premium License includes unlimited seats for collaboration among larger teams within an entity, $1 million in indemnification protection, as well as no limits on print runs, merchandising rights, and use of stills from video.

Custom Licenses

Additional usage rights and clearances, including custom levels of indemnification, are available across all of our media types upon request. Contact our Sales Team at +1 (855) 410-6789 or for further information.


You are welcome to read through Section 4 of our Content License Agreement or reach out to our Sales team for help with all your licensing needs!

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