¿Todas las compras son elegibles para el Programa de Referidos (Referral Program)?

Are All Media Types Included?

Yes, all media types—footage, music, after effects, sound effects, images, and 3D models—are eligible for the Referral Program. 

Are Membership Purchases Eligible?

Yes. You’ll take home 20% of any new membership activation purchase, and your referral will get a 20% discount on their new membership activation too! Subsequent membership renewals (whether monthly or annual) are not eligible for the referral program.

Are Credit Pack Purchases Eligible?

Credit pack purchases are not eligible for referral commissions or discounts. 

  • However, you will receive referral commission for subsequent purchases your referral makes using their credits (20% on their first purchase, 5% on additional purchases for the next year). 
  • Additionally, your referral will still receive a 20% discount on their first purchase when redeeming their credits.
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