Automatic video resizing


Contributors upload their highest resolution videos which will then automagically be down scaled to smaller resolutions. This saves uploading and tagging time for contributors while creating a cleaner collection of files on Pond5 for customers.

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    That's a good suggestion, and we do have plans for automated down conversion of 4K content. But I'll pass along that there is a desire for this system to be applied to other resolutions as well. :)

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    I haven't heard from many (or any) who want downsizing to anything smaller than HD. Most of us hate the small cost sales we get at an other agency on SD or web downsized files.

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    Yeah, as Don mentioned below, automatic downsizing from 4K (or larger) to 1080 would be the most helpful.

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    I also want it...

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    I think all the way down to web-size friendly is best given the real market for everything is via the web. That being said, bandwidth in various areas of the world make lower resolution a necessity. Cheers.

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