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On my uploads/Sales Data page - have a simple "From Date" field  and a "To Date" fielld  range which will limit views/Bin Adds/ATC and Sold data to that range of dates.

A button marked "Today" which would automatically enter todays date in both  from and to fields (a quick way to see what has moved today). Maybe a button marked this week, this month etc too.

So, for example, you wished to see statistics for this week, you would enter the dates and click filter and your Sales Data page would ONLY show views, sales, bin adds and Atcs which were added within those date ranges.

This would IMMEDIATELY improve my ability to see what has been looked at and if I have had any NEW ATCs.

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    Hi Christopher,

    This a great suggestion! I will forward this along to our dev team. I'm not sure how possible this would be to implement into the interface, so I can't promise anything yet, but I will do what I can to get it expedited. Thanks so much for your the request! 



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