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I think this new way of getting clips is great. It looks like a lot of time and effort were well spent creating this interface.

I would really like to know if any one has thought before about a Pause button? When we have clips downloading it would be nice if we can pause the queue and have it start up again later.

It would also be nice to have either multiple buttons or check marks for each media version, rather than a popup that we have to choose from multiple buttons.

Additionally, I am not sure if it was something I did, but I told the panel to put the files in a folder called Pond5 and then it went and created a second folder called Pond5 inside the one I had previously created. There should be some kind of address box that shows where you are downloading to.

The progress bar is fine, but maybe there should be a progress bar for each clip that you are retrieving?


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    These are great suggestions, thanks Alan!

    You should be able to edit your post with the edit link on the bottom right of the post. If you don't see that, please do let me know.

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    And now I have a feature request for this forum...

    and edit button.

    my title on the previous reads funny. should have been:

    Pond5 Anywhere Panel Ideas for Must Have New Features

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