Why does the image curator change my titles?


Am I right in understanding that the title is a short set of words, no more than a few, that accurately identifies the specific file, AKA, a "title". And the description field is the area to put more further details about it, AKA "description"? That's how I understand it, and how I've been doing it for years without issue, until recently. For some reason, at least one of the photo curators is "correcting" file names that do not need to be corrected.

My titles are being replaced with my longer descriptions, by the curator. For example, I submitted an image of icicles hanging from a crosswalk light. It's approved. My title WAS, "Icicles Crosswalk Light", but, the curator renames it to an altered version of my description, "$Icicles hanging from a crosswalk light in Mississauga Canada during a storm", and for some reason, adding a $ symbol at the beginning, which I assume was a mistake. (Another good reason to please leave the titles alone.)

Every approved image batch I submit comes with a note from the curator instructing me to use "more descriptive titles", no matter how I name them. But then they usually just change it themselves. So I usually just change them right back as soon as I notice it. What a waste of time. Never had this issue with any other stock site, or any other file type.

I'm sorry, but "Arenal Volcano Costa Rica" is a perfectly good TITLE for an image of the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. There was no need to change that TITLE to "The Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.", which was my DESCRIPTION.

While we're at it, I'm just not sure what is so wrong with adding a number to the end of a title for individual identification and record-keeping purposes. I'm really trying hard to understand how that little 1,2 or 3 at the end of the title is going to cause "spam search results", "lower my contributor rating" or anything other than making life MUCH easier for me when tracking sales. We are in business too, we need our methods of keeping track of whats going on with our files just as Pond5 does. Please explain to me why this practice is so discouraged, and by only SOME (or one) of the curators. Consistency, please??

I would love to hear an official response from Pond5 regarding these concerns, so that we can know know what the official policy is on titles for images. (Different rules than everything else?) I want to do it "right" the first time. Is this curator is taking things a misguided step too far here? Is this a language barrier issue? Someone fresh from Shutterstock or another site that does not have separate title and description fields? This isn't just a one off thing, I need clarity moving forward.

In other words, can we please have consistent titling guidelines to follow, for contributors AND curators?

Thank you.

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    Heya Adam,

    We're already speaking through Pond5 customer support, but I just wanted to drop a note here as well. It is not the standard procedure of our curators to change titles on anything. When a file has problems, they are to reject them along with a note as to why so that the artist can make any necessary changes and we can put the file online.

    For users experiencing issues like this, the best thing to do is to write into our customer support directly so we can correct any problems.

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