I'm an author. How can I delete a file from the Upload, to replace it with a better copy?


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    Hi Sergey,

    Our customer service team can help you with that, no problem. Just send us a message, including details like the clipIDs for the content you'd like to replace.

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    it would save a lot of time for your service team if your site developers could create a system whereby an author could replace a file themselves.
    Keep the description, meta tags etc (editable) and just simply replace with the updated version. Could be a function / link within the edit file page: "Upload a new replacement file".
    But perhaps it would then need to be curated by admin to make sure all is correct?

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    @David - Yup, that's exactly why we don't allow that. There's simply too much potential for abuse. But it's pretty easy to save and transfer the metadata, especially if you're good with CSV files.

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