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It would be very helpful to be able to batch download preview versions of all videos in a collection (maybe as a zip folder named after the collection?). It is frustrating once you've built a collection to then have to download each preview one at a time.

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    At this time, it's not possible to batch download previews on the website directly. However, you can use the Pond5 Adobe Plugin to do just that, as well as claim some free clips to boot! :)

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    I'll second that request, I can't believe it's not been asked many times before.

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    I will third that request. I have a bin of 50 clips and not looking forward to how long it's going to take me to download the preview!

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    +1 for this feature!

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    Add me on the list for this feature. Assumed I could... now I find it odd I can't.

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    ... and I'm not editing in Adobe so the plugin is not the answer for me.

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    Don't worry...the Adobe Plugin doesn't really work either!

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    This is a heavily requested feature, so rest assured that we're listening.

    Mr. Meyers, if you're having trouble using the plugin, drop us a line in customer support (support@pond5.com) and we'll be happy to troubleshoot the issue with you.

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