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Currently I'm on audiojungle, but I noticed that despite pond5 is more expensive, it still does pretty well, so I was thinking about joining pond5. But, what actually makes it different than AJ? It seems like AJ is just a cheaper version of this site.
I looked at the licensing, and it seems like Pond5 sells only AJs version of extended licenses, i.e. that anything you buy on pond5 is usable for commercial products that users can be charged for in however many products you want, hence the higher baseline price. Is that right?

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    Hi there,

    No worries, we cirtanly know how our site works, and we're happy to explain. Your question just came in on Saturday, so I hadn't seen it until now. :)

    Purchasing our media is easy. Simply sign in to your free account, start adding the files to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Checking out is simple, and we accept major credit cards, or Paypal. When you pay for your purchases, you can download your files immediately. Please know, all our media is sold under the same royalty-free License Agreement. The prices of our content are clearly stated on each file, and there are no additional fees or subscriptions to worry about. When looking at the larger preview, you can see the specs & details, providing all the info you need, to make your purchases. For further information, you are also welcome to read our Buyer FAQ.

    By purchasing media from our site, you are allowed to use them under our Royalty-Free License Agreement, which allows for worldwide, perpetual use, across all media. This means that you can use the file in just about any creative or commercial context. Please read through the License Agreement to make sure your usage is covered. Restrictions are listed in section 4 of the license agreement.

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    Right I had already read through all of that but it still didn't make sense. But FXprosound said that AudioJungle's extended license is the same as a regular sale here. That's how it works? If I buy a regular sound here for $2.5, its usable for any number of commercial projects, reoyalty free, and the only real restriction is that you cant sell the audio file itself?

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    I can't speak to AudioJungle's license, but I can tell you most anything you like about ours.

    The royalty free agreement I mentioned above is the license any Pond5 purchases are covered under, and you get that for whatever price you see on the content. Pricing does not fluctuate based on usage. Our license covers you for lifetime, unlimited, world-wide usage, in perpetuity, across all media platforms.

    You are allowed to use licensed content in multiple projects, yes. However, there is a restriction with regards to archiving content for indefinite use. Please be sure to read the restrictions listed in section 4. If you have questions about a specific portion of the license, I'll be happy to explain.

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    Ok thanks, now I see why pond has such good business :)

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