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Hi,i've suggested a lower price idea last year which Pond5 respected the idea and used it.Since then we have 5$ lower limit price instead of 2$ on music tracks.I am truly appreciated.

But,I believe it is still not enough,i see many contributors sell their tracks at 5-7$ range which extremly low for a license that is worldwide,perpetuity.Of course it's their own strategy which i respect.But i respect them as long as they don't damage the others.They simply make Pond5 look less professional,other tracks looks expensive and they steal the costumer from other contributors by their attractive low price.In this case,they are the only one who wins and Pond5,other contributors in general lose.It is pyramid based price strategy,only the some people make really good money and others don't.

I suggest,a cube based price strategy for Pond5.It will be so radical and will be so effective on our new incomes.There should be a fixed lower price limit based on track's length.I highly recommend 10$ for 1 minute and under,20$ for 2 minutes and under.
I've searched lots of music tracks according to their prices,and almost all the tracks have an avarage of %8 sales out of %100 views regardless of their price except the cheap ones (%20).I've seen buyers of Pond5 don't go higher than 39$ for a full track.

You may let the sellers set their price,this is friendly but my prices are set by the avarage.As long as there will be sellers who only care about themselves and decrase the avarage price,just to sell more.We will all lose.Pond5 is the cheapest stock music site among all the other sites.Because they are selling tracks for worldwide,perpetuity with no limits such at these prices.There is abseloutly no competitors in the market.So why earn less while we can earn more? If we higher the lower prices,where do you think buyers would go,AJ? No.

My life depends on the income which i make from Pond5.It definetly is not enough and the worst thing is sales drops in summer.If you search for the tracks for the most sales they have,you'll see many of the top sellers are the cheapest ones.All i want is don't let people sell their art at such low prices.Thank you.

Not : Sorry for my bad english.

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    Thanks for the feedback Ramazan, I'll pass that along.

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    • 1! that`s very true, ramazan!
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