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There are videos I like but don't like the music playing with it.
Most of these videos do not come with the music that plays with it when you view it.
I would like to be able to shut off the sound and try out music clips with the video I like.
There is no way to mute the sound on the video and play a different piece over it and there should be.
If this feature does exist please show me where to find it.

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    We do have this feature, yes. In the preview window, look to the right side of the playback bar. You'll see what looks like a cell-phone signal indicator: five bars of increasing height. That's actually the volume control.

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    Even on the lowest volume it can still be heard. I already tried it.
    Couldn't find the mute button.
    It would be so nice to try out music to different videos but it is
    just to hard juggling between two screens... one music... one video.
    click to start click to play music.... can't hear all that well because
    you can still hear what the video is playing... Frustrating.

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