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Добрый день. Я три дня назад загрузил фотографии на сайт.Сейчас фото на повторном рассмотрении . Вопрос:"Как долго ждать их загрузки"?

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    Though it does usually take us 7-10 days to curate files normally, wait times may be a bit longer occasionally due to fluctuation in volume of submissions. You will receive a system generated email notification when the files have been reviewed. We are striving for more instant reviews than our current review times and currently have a few curators in training to increase the curating speed.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    Добрый день. Я 10 дней назад загрузил изображения на сайт.Сейчас них на повторном рассмотрении . Вопрос:"Как долго ждать их загрузки"?

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    Добрый день . Уже прошло 16 дней . Они сейчас на повторном рассмотрении. Вопрос - сколько еще времени фотографии будут в таком состоянии?

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    Unfortunately, wait times are very long right now. Upwards of three to four weeks for most media types. We apologize for the delay, this is because of a massive influx of submissions.

    Please rest assured, we are working very hard to get everyone curated as quickly as we can. You will be notified when your items have been reviewed. Thank you for your patience. :)

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