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Hello, I'm new to your site. i have just purchased 3 video files. I downloaded the comps first to try them out as backgrounds on my website, which requires MP4 files. I assumed that if you offered the comp as an MP4 file, I would be able to choose an MP4 file download option after purchase. But, now I see I can only choose a MOV file format. I am have a difficult time converting the MOV to MP4 and wish I could simply receive an MP4 file option directly from your site. Is that possible?

If it is not currently possible, please consider this idea a request for the option to receive files as MP4 files in future!

Thank you,

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    Hi there,

    We do offer all videos on Pond5 in a variety of video codecs, though keep in mind that the actual codec is different from the container format like .mov, as you've described. The video codecs we offer are h.264 and prores primarily. We have a conversion system that can convert any video on Pond5 into one or both of those formats.

    I'd say, if you're having trouble getting a file to play back, just write in to support@pond5.com and include the clipID in your message. We'll run a conversion on it for you, and chances are good that will result in a usable file for you. :)

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    Miro Video Converter successfully the .mov to .mp4, but Adapter did not.

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