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I'm looking for music to use in my YouTube channel but I need to know if I purchase any song included in this site I own the commercial rights of usage.

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    All purchases made at Pond5 are covered by the same license agreement, so that's the key document. You would be granted lifetime, unlimited, world wide usage rights, in perpetuity, across all media platforms, including YouTube.

    We do occasionally have problems with YouTube's ContentID system. If you use music purchased from Pond5 in a YouTube video and you get hit with a copyright flag, just contact us and we'll get it sorted. Some of our musicians use services like AdRev and Audiam to protect their work. That's great, and we don't have a problem with that, but it has the unfortunate side effect of wrongful YouTube flags. When that happens, we reach out to both the artist at Pond5, and the company they're using. We're very often able to resolve these issues within 24 hours.

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