Как долго проверяются файлы?


Как долго файлы находятся на проверке?

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    The average wait for curator's review and approval is normally 4-6 business days. Due to a significantly high volume of recent submissions, review times are currently at 3-4 weeks. I can assure you our Curators are going through everything as quickly and carefully as they can, and we are striving for faster review times.

    Please know, our system is fair and sorts all uploads by order, based on when artists hit the 'submit to Curator' button, as if you are waiting in line. If you have more content you'd like to submit, simply continue uploading your files to your portfolio, and we promise we'll get to them as soon as we can.

    We appreciate your patience and confidence in us. You will receive a message once your files have been reviewed.

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    Долго, у меня 10 файлов свыше двух недель рассматривали. Могу посоветовать набраться терпения.

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    Мои видео файлы висят уже четвертую неделю, а точнее 24 дня.

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    Все понял, спасибо большое!

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